The Ambulance Service Institute (Hong Kong Branch) is firmly committed to establishing itself as a valued Institute of paramedic and pre-hospital care in the territory of Hong Kong. We are proud to be the unique one of its kind in the South Pacific Rim for the promotion of the theory and practice of Ambulance Service administration and operations.

The Institute enjoys an excellent reputation for knowledge enrichment to all its members across the Region. Having focused on building up a partnering professionalism in paramedic resourcefulness, the Institute has a long connection with Universities both locally and overseas. Over the years, we have been providing sound opportunity to qualified members for the pursue of Certificate, Bachelor and Master degrees in relevant subjects with a view to translating practical experience into valuable academic achievements.

Pointing to the north, the Institute has established a close relationship with officials and community leaders in the field of emergency pre-hospital care throughout Mainland China.

Besides, the Institute has a prominent character in the local paramedic settings. We are always preparing ourselves and more than welcome to share experience and to work with any bodies that are of interest in pre-hospital paramedic care through social functions, seminars and workshops.

Placing the Institute at the forefront of modern worldwide ambulance service practice is our long term goal, but yet could be come true with your constructive comments and unfailing support.